Billing Policy

Effective until 11-14-2018

This is an archived version of our Billing Policy. View the current Terms of Service.


  • Webpass invoices in advance of service being provided.
  • Invoice terms are due upon receipt.
  • Invoicing begins on the customer’s installation date.

Partial Terms

  • Webpass does not prorate invoices. All invoices are for the term chosen by the customer, either monthly or yearly.


  • Customers may disconnect service at any time.
  • The disconnect date is chosen by the customer.
  • The final billing date is the end of the last invoice term.
  • The service remains active until the customer notifies Webpass of a disconnect date by using the or calling 1-800-WEBPASS.
  • Webpass may terminate service for non payment if invoices are unpaid for 30 days.


  • Customers can make payments via check, wire, and credit card. Credit card payments can be processed through the online portal or by calling 1-800-WEBPASS as a One Time Payment or AutoPay.

Changing Billing Cycles

  • Customers can switch plans at any time (exceptions apply).
  • Customers have 30 days from date of invoice to switch from a monthly to an annual plan. The billing cycle will then be effective for the most current invoice and a revised invoice will be emailed to the customer.
  • Customers have 60 days from date of invoice to switch from an annual to a monthly plan. After 60 days, customers are locked in for one year of service and any changes made will be effective after the end of the current term. A revised invoice will be emailed to the customer.