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The Infinity Gets 100 Mbps Broadband Service

Publicado February 5, 2008 por Webpass

Webpass installed a 100 Megabit Broadband Internet service today at The Infinity’s first phase located at 301 Main Street in San Francisco. Residents are scheduled to move in next week and are already scheduling installation appointments. Webpass offers 100 Mbps service in two other San Francisco based properties and we anticipate another positive response from the Infinity residents. “Residents in Webpass’ 100 Mbps properties overwhelmingly choose our broadband service. They understand there is no comparison between cable’s 12 Mbps speed capacity and our 100 Mbps speed capacity,” commented Charles Barr, President of Webpass. “Factor in the fact that our service upload speed is also 100 Mbps and you can understand why so many residents choose Webpass.”

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Webpass is a San Francisco based Internet Service Provider founded in 2003. We pride ourselves on delivering simple Internet service designed around the needs of our customers. Unlike our competitors, we own and operate our Ethernet network, eliminating dependence on phone and cable companies. This successful formula has helped us quickly become one of the fastest Internet providers around. We offer Internet comercial connections from 10 - 1000 Mbps and Internet residencial connections from 100 Mbps - 1 Gig. Webpass currently operates in the major urban markets of San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Denver. You can obtener servicios de Internet residencial, or obtener servicios de Internet residencial vendedores para servicio comercial.