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Residential Price Increase

Publicado August 13, 2015 por Webpass

Effective October 1, 2015, residential retail rates will increase to $60 per month or $550 per year. As many of you know, our last price increase was in February 2014 and this is our third increase in 7 years. Customers on a yearly plan may purchase one additional year of service at the current $500 rate regardless of your anniversary date if you pay the $500 in full before October 1st. Customers currently on a monthly plan may also switch to a yearly plan and take advantage of this savings. Yearly payments are non-refundable so please only exercise this option if you are certain to remain at your current address or move to another Webpass property in the Bay Area, San Diego, Miami, Chicago or Boston.

*Please note the price increase does not apply to “built-in” properties.

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